Market Vendors

Local Flavors & Familiar Faces

Your local small market invites you to submit products for the 2022 jury review. 
Jury review will take place multiple times a year based on vendor submissions for review.

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The mission of Your Local small Market is for local artisans to share their incredible talent with the Point Roberts and neighboring community.

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Create an increase opportunity for artisans to sell their products directly to consumers.
Create and increase consumers opportunities to buy local products directly from artisans
Bring together families, neighbors, visitors and local artisans to create a sense of community and social gathering.
Establish vibrant market that makes our market location a destination for tourists and visitors.
Provide a vehicle to educate the community on nutritional, environmental, and economic value of buying local, sustainable products.

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Jury Review

An anonymous jury will review all vendor submissions. The jury will use a set of guidelines that will determine if the vendor meets the markets mission and goals.

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Your Local small Market is a non-profit and there is currently no fee to vendors to participate. At times the market committee may ask for a product donation depending on local charity the market is supporting at the event. The donation will be completely voluntary.

2022 Dates of Market

Feb 12,  March 19,  April 16,  May 7 & 21, June 4 & 18,  July 16 & 30,  Aug 13 & 27

Sept 3,  Oct 22,  Nov 5 & 19,  Dec 3 & 17

SETUP:  10:05 am

MARKET: 11am - 2pm

Point Roberts Community Center

With continued COVID protocols in place there will be a limited number of spaces to allow for social distancing and other regulations noted by the Point Roberts Parks and Recreation Board.

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  • Send a minimum of two images of product.

  • Describe the process and materials used in a few sentences.

  • All food products must also submit their cottage license.

Your submission does not commit you to the dates listed, it will give you the option to participate during the call for vendors each month. If you are not selected by jury there will be another call as demand permits. 

email all requested information to: